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hmong cyber school

Hmong Cyber School is all about connecting the indigenous Hmong youth of Thailand and their communities to positive learning experiences.

Students get the opportunity to learn new skills and are exposed to new experiences they would not normally be able to have. Rather uniquely, we provide opportunities for them to excel and be inspired in completely different ways, all while being engaged in an altogether immersive learning process. 

At Hmong Cyber School - students learn new skills while developing their hobbies and interests into actionable income streams in classes that include:

  • Video & Film Production

  • Computer Skills

  • Careers in Music 

  • French Patisserie

  • Sustainability Programs 

  • Cryptocurrency 101

We scout and identify top talent from the indigenous community who are interested in improving existing or learning new skills. We then nurture their potential and follow their journey closely. 

Art & Music 

Our students get the opportunity to be immersed in several Art & Music courses, including Digital Art & Cultural Heritage, Music Production, Healing Nature Sounds, Creative Courses, & Digital Content Creation.

Life Skills*

Through immersive learning experiences designed to encourage hands-on participation, our students build lasting life skills which can be applied to life, academic, and other endeavors. Each activity is based around the following learning outcomes: confidence, savviness, and aptitude.

Culinary Skills

Through our Culinary Courses students develop a passion and skill set that can help them generate real income. Here, we aim to inspire an appreciation of food and culture – and develop a long-term attachment through unique and engaging learning experiences. Currently, Thai Hmong Fusion Cuisine and French Patisserie are our most popular courses.

Start-Ups 101

We provide our students with the tools they need to start and maintain a successful business. More importantly, they are exposed to ideas and lessons otherwise not commonly available in their area – these include Coding, Digital Literacy, BeYourOwnProduction, Drone Flying, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Microeconomics.

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