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fund one of our hmongcyber projects today!

Our donors, sponsors, and volunteers make a significant impact to the initiatives we create.  


When you give to Hmong Cyber, your donations make a tremendous difference to the lives of Hmong youth by opening their world to new possibilities and tangible opportunities. 

Below, we've listed our Current Projects that you can help contribute to. 



hmong cyber
scouter & scholarship

We scout and identify Hmong youth who excel and show ambition and interest in our courses. They are then eligible for one of our scholarship programs including:

  • University Scholarships 

  • Career in Crafts

  • Digital Content Creation 


Hmong Cyber kitchen

Here, our Hmong students get the unique opportunity to get immersed in bakery and French Patisserie courses. Both of these can help open up their world to new career possibilities.  



cyber career

This is where our Hmong students take their first lessons in coding and  hone their IT and computer skills. 

Recently, we brought tech experts in to teach students how to Code in Python, and began to build the basic skills necessary to become a developer in the future. 

Our classes offer plenty of opportunity for outdoor learning in a fun and holistic environment. For example, as part of our media product class, the students got to learn how to fly drones and edit footage. 


Hmong Cyber bootcamp

We organize weekly meetings with Hmong Cyber alumni and young leaders in the community who aspire to make a difference. This includes providing advice, inspiration, connections and the networking necessary to help achieve their short and long-term goals. 

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