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1/1 NFT Collection on Avalanche

Hmong Cyber is bringing our indigenous Hmong nft artists and social initiatives to Avalanche. We have chosen a home for our venture into Web 3, and see Avalanche as the ideal platform to begin.

We start on the 30th of September with our genesis NFT collection, 'House of Hmong' by artist
@Haruna188188 which will begin auctioning on 

Haru's hand-drawn digital artwork showcasing Hmong culture & people is also dedicated to the female NFT artists and women on Avalanche. We aim to empower, inspire, and uplift the budding art chain that is Avalanche.

Our education and sustainability initiatives are here to make a difference in the indigenous Hmong Community. Through the power of NFT, web 3, Avalanche and their romantic ideals.

The Artist

HoH Cover Thai.png
"I am Haru, an artist from Thailand. I'm doing a collection called "House of Hmong. Because I want the world to see the beauty of Hmong and get to know our ways of life."

Haru, NFT artist

Hmong Cover Eng.png
Hmong Cover Eng.png

inspired by a Hmong village

way of life

follow Hmong sweet & simple way of life through NFT

hoh logo 4_edited.png

art & tech

showcase artistic talents through emerging tech


preserve & highlight
hmong heritage

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