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who are the HmongS

Hmong origins


The Hmong are an ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.


Skilled in handicrafts, embroidery, and cultivation - Hmong people are distinguishable by their vibrant color and the details of their clothing. 


They live in agriculturally sustainable societies rich in generosity and culture. After all, to be Hmong means to be 'Free' - sadly, the Hmong people are not given equal rights in the countries they reside in and have been members of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization since 2007

HmongCYber & the Hmong people 

Bred resilient and resourceful through a history of hardship, approximately 250,000 Hmong now live in 14 provinces across the northern parts of Thailand. Many, especially the youth, now lack the opportunity to generate steady income in the modern world.


This is where we come in.

Combining education and technology, Hmong Cyber works with private and public sector partners and Hmong community leaders to provide better opportunities for indigenous youth. 

Upon entering Hmong Cyberland, you'll be greeted by smiles and a magnificent backdrop of lush, green rice fields on hill slopes. Here is where family and clan comes first, and where one-ness with the land is a default setting. 

Inspired by this ethos - Hmong Cyber is dedicated to creating mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships and processes that lead to the betterment, well-being, and socioeconomic prosperity of the Hmong - and all indigenous communities in Thailand and the surrounding regions. 



Our dedicated team here at Hmong Cyber comprises of educators, volunteers, and indigenous community leaders.


We work closely with local networks and alliances to create forward-thinking projects and events. 

Driven by a passion to help the Hmong youth realize their dreams and fulfill their potential - we aim to inspire and equip them with the right tools to succeed.

Although each member of our team brings a unique perspective and adds value to Hmong Cyber, we all share a love for what we do and contributing to a more sustainable world for all. 

To find out more about our team: kindly email: 

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